Best 20 Android Apps for Programmers / Developers

Top Android Apps, Best Android Apps, Top 20 Apps for Developers, Top 20 Apps for Programmers, Android Apps, Tech News, Tech Tips and Tricks, Smartphone Tricks, Android Tricks, Mobile Tricks, App Review. Hello guys, we are back to give you Top 20 Apps for Programmers or Developers. Lot of users are confused about which app they can use to become a good programmer. Read below complete list of top apps along with their features.

Android Apps

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Best 20 Android Apps for Programmers / Developers: –

1 Algoid:

Algoid is the best app that a programmer loves to have it on his Android device. It provide facilities of real time debugger, step by step execution, auto code completion and error code handling etc.

2 Frink Programming Language:

With this app you can use functionality of Android sensors, Date and Time calculations and make use of graphics in programming.

3 DroidEdit Pro:

It is the best editor for Android devices like notepad++ for PC’s. It provides a lot of features. Some of which are given below:

  • Undo and Redo (Infinite times).
  • Highlighted text.
  • Directly Open files from dropbox.
  • Search and Replace code etc.

4 Developer Tools:

This app allows you to have all knowledge about the resource qualifiers mainly in Android. You can also see all available features of your device.

5 AIDE- IDE for Android:

It is an Integrated Development Environment. It is used to build real world applications and mainly used for java. The editor features real time error checking, auto code completion etc.

6 C++ Programming:

This app provides you complete knowledge about C++ language. Tutorials are given for each topic and the best thing is that you can carry these tutorials in your mobile. Also given, important exam questions and interview questions.

7 C4Droid:

This app is used for C and C++ programming. You can build C programs of your choice, compile and run without internet.

8 Programmer Keyboard:

This keyboard has inbuilt features of PHP language. It offers all basic functions of PHP with Undo and Redo options. Users can easily learn from this app.

9 DroidScript:

DroidScript is an IDE for Javascript. Create real world applications using Javascript. Edit your code with its inbuilt editor.

10 Hacker’s Keyboard:

It is an high functionality keyboard designed specially for developers. This keyboard has seperate number and function keys along with the arrow keys for navigation.

11 Dalvik Explorer:

This app is a lightweight app with lota of characteristics. It is very useful for debugging codes. It gives you great knowledge about all java functions and interfaces.

12 Udacity:

It’s also a good learning app. You can enjoy learning codes at your favourite places. Answer the questions and reason behind these by proper learning.

13 Syntax Highlighted Code Editor:

This editor app is useful for Developers because it provides complete knowledge about HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java, Python and many more languages.

14 Learn Java:

This app gives you free knowledge about the Java language. It includes all topics mainly object, class, polymorphism, Abstraction, Encapsulation etc.

15 DroidDia Prime:

It is different than others because using this app you can make flow charts and vein diagrams. It also supports Libraries for images and you can build shapes like rectangle, triangle, circle etc.

16 HC-16C Programmer’s Calculator:

This calculator is a simulation tool for developers and is very useful in conditions when developers stuck in some error. But this app is not available for download on the Playstore. If you want this app, you have to search on google.

17 DrawExpress Diagram:

By using this app, you can draw flow charts in an efficient and effective way. You can also deals with ER diagram, state diagram, use case diagram etc.

18 Programming Hub:

This app is good for learning basics of any programming language. Each topic is provided with an example. Code of this example is compiled and tested by experts. You can also use this app for study in your exams.

19 VT View Source:

VT View Source is a collection of HTML, CSS, Javascript and XML sources. All the code is available without ads. Text Highlight feature is also supported by it.

20 Dcoder, Mobile Compiler IDE:

Dcoder is a Mobile IDE that helps you in learning almost all programming languages easily. It makes use of algorithms for better understanding.

Have fun programmers…….

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