Facebook Hack: How to Create Invisible Name ID on Facebook

Facebook Invisible Name Trick, Facebook Tricks, Invisible Name Trick, Ghost Name Trick, Facebook Tips and Tricks, Latest Facebook Tricks, Tech Tips and Tricks, How to Create Invisible ID Name on Facebook, Write Invisible Facebook Name, Facebook Hack. Hello guys, we are back with another Facebook Hack. It is an simple trick. Many of you have seen Facebook ID’s without name or with names including characters only. Using this trick you will be able to make your own Facebook Id with Invisible Id Name. It is also called as Ghost Name Id.

By the use of Invisible Name Id, you can do whatever you want to do on Facebook without knowing others. Follow these below steps to create your own Invisible Facebook Name Id.

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Invisible Name

Facebook Hack: How to Create Invisible Name ID on Facebook:-

Invisible Name

  1. First you need to go to this link to verify your Id.
  2. Now it will ask you to enter your New First Name and Surname.
  3. Copy this symbol () and Paste it as New First Name and in the Surname but here you need to enter space between the symbol.
  4. Leave the Middle Name as empty.
  5. Now remove these two brackets ( ) separately by clicking on these.
  6. In the Select Reason field, choose Change Spelling Mistake.
  7. Now upload any of your Identity proof like AADHAR CARD.
  8. Click on send. 
  9. Now Facebook will automatically change your name after 6 hours.

Hurray!! Now you have your own Invisible Facebook Name Id. But remember it is for educational purpuse only. Don’t use it to make fun of someone or don’t use it with wrong intentions. Subscribe our website to know more tricks and hacks provided by us.

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