PhonePe Trick: Earn Rs.225 Free PhonePe Cash

PhonePe Tricks, Earn Money, PhonePe Money Offer, Paytm Offers, Paytm Bank, Oaytm UPI, PhonePe UPI, Get rs.225 free, PhonePe Cashback Offer, Casback Offers, UPI Offers, UPzi Transections, Tech Tips and Tricks, Tech News: Hello Everyone, today I’m going to tell you a way which can help you in earning a total of 225rs. As all of you know about the PhonePe UPi transection offers, it give rs 75 for first upi transection. Here im going to tell you way to use this offer for earning 225 free cash. So without wasting anytime, let’s start…

Phonepe trick

Amazon/PhonePe Trick: How to Earn Rs.225 Free PhonePe Cash:-

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  1. You should have atleast rs.100 in your phonepe account.
  2. If you didn’t have rs.100 in your phonepe wallet then
  3. Download Paytm Apo from here
  4. Register with a number which is not used on phonepe.
  5. Done Adhar KYC in Paytm and Open a Paytm Bank Account(it will take upto 1 hour).
  6. Now, just download PhonePe App and signup with paytm registered number.
  7. Go to PhonePe Account and link Paytm Bank account.
  8. You get rs.100 for linking Paytm bank with PhonePe.
  9. Now, do your first UPI transection, send rs 150 to yourself and get rs.75 as cashback.
  10. Send 4 times rs.100 to your self and you get rs.50
  11. The total is then 100+75+50=225 in PhonePe.

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