Paytm Offer: List Of Products Giving Free Paytm Cash

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Yes, paytm providing their users free paytm cash on buying some products from the market. Paytm give free paytm cash with daily products like  Hide And Seek etc. This offer is valid for any user. The list of products you can see in post are come with a paytm code on their wrapper, usin that code you can get 50% – 100% paytm money of the price of the product. There are many products available in market providing free paytm cash. So, let’s talk about them in detail

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paytm offer

Paytm Offer : List Of Products Providing Free Paytm Cash:-

1. Maggi Pazta:- Get Rs. 15 free paytm cash with Maggi Pazta Pack.

How to Get Free Rs 15 :-

  • Buy a Maggi Pazta Pack with Paytm Money Offer printed on wrapper.
  • Find paytm code inside the pack.
  • go to Maggi Pazta offer page
  • Enter paytm code into box and click on proceed button.
  • Login or signup with paytm and 15rs is added to your wallet.

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2. Devaaya:- Buy a Devaaya pack and get upto rs 75 free paytm cash.

How to Get Rs. 75 :-

  • Buy a Devaaya product pack from market with Paytm Money Offer wrapper.
  • Find paytm money code inside the packet.
  • Go to Devaaya Paytm offer page
  • Enter the paytm code and proceed, login to your paytm account
  • that’s it..

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3. Parle Bake Smith:- Get rs. 18 free paytm cash by purchasing Parle Bake pack.

How to Get Free Rs. 18:-

  • Go to market and buy a Parle Bake pack.
  • There is a paytm code inside the pack.
  • Go to Paytm Parle Bake Offer page
  • Enter code given inside the Parle Bake pack and click on proceed button.
  • Login to paytm and you get a rs.18 in your Paytm Wallet.

4. Snickers:- Buy a pack of rs 40 and get rs.20 free paytm money.

How to get free rs.20:-

  • Purchase a pack of Snickers of rs 40 fro mmarket
  • Find a code inside the pack
  • Go to Paytm Snickers offer page
  • Enter the code and proceed
  • Login or signup to Paytm.
  • Rs. 20 is added to your Paytm Wallet.

Pepsodent Paytm Money Offer:-

Get Rs. 25 free paytm on each Pepsodent pack

How to get rs.25:-

  • Buy a pack of Pepsodent from the market
  • check inside the pack for paytm code
  • Go to Paytm Pepsodent Offer Page
  • Enter the code from pack and press proceed
  • Login to Paytm or Signup
  • A total of Rs.25 is added to your Wallet.

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